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Website for members of the former Hereford Parachute Club

This website  was created on August 10, 2003.



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4th June 2017.

Two new pages added. One showing the books written by one of our members and the other a number of photos of a few members meet up at the Monument pub in Hereford on the 3rd June 2017.


19th June 2016

Claire Collins has sent me some photos of previous members of the HPC which are under her name in the Your Photos section.


17th July 2016

New web page added for Les Cooper's videos under the Your Photos heading


4th July 2015

Four new photographs sent to my by Bob Walters from Tony Thomas of a Strongbow Skydivers team demo jump onto Ilfracoombe Pier, date unknown. They are of Andy Mann, Bob Walters and Tony Thomas.


19th May 2015

Some new photo's from Dave Lewis added to the "Your Photos" page.


25th October 2012

Two video's sent to my by Malcolm Otton showing he and his friends jumping at Dumkerswell in 1973. They initially trained at Shobdon.

Click here


11th June 2012

Added another page entitled "Other Student's Photo's" accessed from the "Your Photo's" web page. This is for anyone who jumped at Shobdon can send me their photo and I will add it here.


19th October 2011

Bill Miller has sent me some photo's from the 1970's/80's (?). These can be found under his name in the "Your Photo's" section of the web site.


Update 9th June 2011

Added new web page dedicated to Peter Prior accessed from the "Not Fogotten" web page. Also added Graham Cross's name to the same web page.


Update 11th April 2011

Some new photo's of Paul Kibblewhite (Kipper) sent by one of his friends Mark Newdick from when they were in the RNR together and when they went sailing with some other friends also RNR.

These can be found under Paul's name in the "Not Forgotten" section.


Update 17th March 2011

New photo's added under Ron Jackson's name in the " Your Photo's" section and other photo's of Dave Parchment added under his name in the same section.


Update 7th December 2010

Some photographs sent by Vicky Tomlinson (nee Bell) of Clive Thomas's parachute jump added.

These can be found under her name in the "Your Photo's" section


Update 28th November 2010

"Google ads" added to the site to help support it, so you know what to  do!


Update 12th September 2010

New photographs added sent in by Jim Sharples.

Cartoon of Paul Doherty added taken from the local magazine of British Rail in 1983.


Update 5th September 2009

Web site moved to a new server and hopefully all links working


Update 17th January 2009

Peter Gracia has sent me some photo's about the HPC in 1983 and one of him base jumping in Idaho in 2008


Update 5th May 2008

New photo of Leo Dickinson asleep on the floor of the Mortimers Cross pub.

Follow - Your Photos - Martin Lockett -  other members.

A couple more video's added to the video page with some more views of Shobdon.


Update 8th July 2007

New video of the HPC taken on the 9th July 1983 although poor quality added to YouTube.

Link can be found in the "Videos" section here or by searchng for the HPC on YouTube.


Update 24th April 2007

I have added a link to the Swansea Parachute Club website in the "Links to Shobdon" webpage.

Its nice to see the club has reopened.


Update 1st April 2007

A new webpage added with links to video's of the HPC just to rekindle the nostalgia of Shobdon airfield.


Update March 2, 2007

Some photo's from Nancy Pierce (formerly Lockett).

Real nice piccie of Mac sat on the loo with his pants around his ankles!!


Update March 1, 2007

New page of photo's sent to me by Martin Lockett, someone that is probably not very well known by most of the members of HPC!!

quick link below....


Unfortunately because of the content of some of the photo's I have had to limit access to some the photo's, see "censored"


Links to the "Cartoon" page sorted after being told by Mike Townsend that they were not working and a new photograph added to Lee Giliands  webpage showing some of the lads and a helicopter


Update June 27, 2006

Many of you will remember some of the cartoons that Carol Fuller drew about various club members.

I found in my possession one entitled the "Ricomatic" a send up of Rick Shaw, so I have added a new webpage entitled "Cartoons" with that cartoon on it and I am hoping that Carol will be able to send me some more of the originals to add at a later date.


Update June 11, 2006

Some photos sent to me by Don Swanson. Follow the 'Your photos' link and click on his name


Update October 24, 2005

Two new pages added. Ken Wood in the 'Your Photo's' section and a couple of photo's of aircrew (Army?) in the 'Shobdon - 1940's'  webpage


Update September 18, 2005

Webpage links should now send you to pages that have a lot less advertising and pop ups on them, hopefully making your visit to the HPC more enjoyable.

If any of the links to the pages or photo's  fail to work, then please contact me by clicking HERE


Update April 28, 2005

A new photo of Roy Harvey as been added to his webpage. He's just jumped his "new" 10 canopy!

This website is being moved because of the amount of banner ads that Freeservers have added and also the amount of spam that was hitting the guestbook.

The new web address is    http://shobdon.bravehost.com

Both websites will run alongside each for sometime


Update March 14, 2005

Roy Harvey has sent me some recent photo's of Mac and his wife Rosie.

These can be found under the Roy's name on the 'Your Photo's' link


Update March 1, 2005

My email address has changed.

Contact Shaun.... Click Here


Update February 20, 2005

Some photo's from David and Carol Fuller added in the 'Your Photo's' webpage. Follow link by clicking Dave's name.


Update January 14, 2005

Finally completed the four pages for the Sport Parachutist magazine webpage


Update January 1, 2005

New webpage(s) with article's about the HPC and it's members  from the Sport Parachutist magazine being added. Not complete yet.


Update December 26, 2004

Three photo's of Rich Howell's  added to the 'Annual Dinner' page


Update December 25, 2004

Rich Howell's photo's of aircraft added to the 'Jump Aircraft' and 'Miscellaneous' webpage's

Further photo's of Rich's have been added to his webpage accessed through the 'Your Photo's' page. These include photo's of the clubs trip to Germany for the RAPA competition and the 1982 Swansea Dakota Boogie


Update December 6, 2004

New webpage added, Rich Howell -  accessed through the 'Your Photo's' webpage.

Hope to add to the website over the Christmas holiday more of Phil Ainsworth and Rich Howell s photo's


Update September 7, 2004

Animation added to 'Club Member's' webpage


Update September 6, 2004

New webpage added, the British National Parachute Championships held at Shobdon in 1976.


Update September 3, 2004

Three new photo's of two jump aircraft operated by the HPC. A Cessna 182 and Piper Tripacer added to the 'Jump Aircraft' page.

This website now has a link from the British Parachute Association's website, don't forget to checkout their  website via the 'Links' page here, especially if you are interested in making a parachute descent. They list all BPA clubs where you are able to find out all the information that you will require to make your first and subsequent jumps safely.


Update July 22, 2004

New webpage 'Memorabilia' added showing club car sticker's, poster's and brochure's


Update July 8, 2004

Phillip Ainsworth photo's now being added to the 'Your Photo's' webpage. Will be updated further as they arrive to me.


Update July 7, 2004

Pat Keeley added to the 'Not Fogotten' webpage. Further update's to Pat will be added soon.


Update 14 June 2004

New photo's added to the Member's, Instructor's and Photo's webpage's courtesy of Lee Gilliland

Update in process


Update 12 May 2004

More photo's added to Andy's page and two newspaper articles added to the 'Newspapers' page


Update 11 May, 2004

Photo's of Paul (Kipper) Kibblewhite added as well as a story to his page on the 'Not Forgotten' part.


Update 10 May, 2004

Photo's added to Andy's page on the 'Your Photo's' page. Check out names like Leo Dickinson, Bob Walters, Peter Prior, Tony Thomas, Mick Mason, Dave Howerski, Frank Joel, Terry Jickells and more.


Update 9 May, 2004

Unknown skydiver's photo's added to the 'Your Photo's' webpage. Were you skydiving at Shobdon in 1983 and knew Andy Mann? then you might be on one of these.


Update 8  May, 2004

New button (get your own back) for links to other page's and some new photo's added. More to come soon courtesy of Andy Mann. Further details when update is completed.


Update 5 May, 2004

the Your Photo's page edited to include new links to photo's from Andy Mann and Lee Gilliland


Update 2 May, 2004

New photo's of the former Chairman of the HPC added to the member's webpage


Update 15 December, 2003

Three of Paul's photo's added to the Annual Dinner webpage


Update 14 December, 2003

'Your Photo's' webpage and the first photo's sent by Paul Thompson added


Update 14 November, 2003

Photo Page    Liz Charlton


Update 1 November, 2003

Links page added. Check out Paul Thompson's website and other  Shobdon club and business website's.


Update 15 September, 2003

Not Forgotten web page added. This is for members and friends of the HPC who are no longer with us and I have no photo of them to add to the other web pages.

The first are Bert Wear of Shobdon Air traffic control and Paul Kibblewhite one of eight Swansea club members that died together in Germany when the helicopter they were in crashed.


Update 8 September 2003

Annual Dinner photo's with special sections on 'the Welsh Lot', the 'Red Dragons' and a must readarticle by Mike Townsend accessed through the 'Red Dragon' page.

You must readit because I had to suffer it!


Update 4 September 2003

Skygods have arrived  including 5way CRW and Downplane - go to Photo's page and the 'Skygods'


Update 30 August, 2003

Member's page - Brenda, Brian, Clive Thomas, Tom and Pam Morten, Des Palmer, Justin Barron and Roy Harvey.

Instructor's page - John Boxall


Update 27 August, 2003

Aircraf page - photo's of various aircraft seen at Shobdon

Member's page - Photo's, Alec Gaze, Helena Chrestofi, Chris Goss and Charlie Field

Instructor's page - Photo, Rick Shaw

plus a number of thumbnail's on various page's


Update 25 August 2003

Shobdon Airfield - Click on the links to Shobdon today, many photo's


Update 23 August 2003

Photo's page 2 - Lee Gilliand and Ron Jackson

New - Update's page.

Miscellaneous Page - Aircraft photo's

Instructor's Page - Pilot photo


Update 19 August 2003

Member's page - Whose on the manifest? and 'Vicky and Phil'


Update 18 August 2003

Instructor's page - new photo of Mike Townsend

Photo's page - new photo's Liz Charlton with her husband John and Roy Pattison

Aircraft page - photo's of Cessna G-BAGV

Photo's page 2 - Tiger moth jump and first Partenavia static line jump


Update 17 August 2003

Instructor's page - Fran Harrison and Rickshaw



I would welcome any information or photo's that anyone could send to me about the club during the years that it operated.

Have you got a story about the club or any of its members? to tell? Please send them to me, although in some cases I may have to edit them a bit!