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This website  was created on August 10, 2003.



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Liz Charlton and Dragon, now guess which is 'witch'. Also seen with Liz is her husband John and Roy (the actor) Pattison.


November 14, 2003

It is with deep sadness that I have been told that Liz has passed away in the last few days. A friend that will always remain in the memories of the people that knew her. I certainly after not meeting her for some years have never forgotten her or her husband John. They brought pleasure to everyone they met and it is part of the reason that the HPC remains with great fondness in most people's memories.

Liz Charlton, our friend. RIP




Kevin McCarthy and friend (Somebody had to jump with him)




Shaun McGuire with Chris Goss in rear  of aircraft (photo's...Chris Goss )




Mac's mural - Free Fly Dave Howerski (on left) - the Red Dragon



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Party on the Roof

It was'nt the Welsh!! (one photo Wendy Parry)


Shaun and Jamie (from Caldicot, Mon) under orders to retrieve the artefacts.



George, RIP


Poor old, George, done an AFF jump with two brother's who won't be named will they, Kevin and Mike. The brother's forgot to help George deploy his parachute and George was un-able to do so. These photo's show George, seconds before impacting from 10,000ft, good track position though!



The manifest as it used to look like with a course ready too jump



All photo's, Shaun McGuire except where stated

I would welcome any information or photo's that anyone could send to me about the club during the years that it operated.

Have you got a story about the club or any of its members? to tell? Please send them to me, although in some cases I may have to edit them a bit!