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Below are some photo's from a number of annual club dinners that took place in Shobdon and Kingsland. They are not in any particular order.



The Top table and Alec Gaze receiving the 'Poseur of the Year' award



Attack of the Red Dragon,   Simon Wilberforce and Gerry, Charlie Fields looking  in at the RH bottom corner, Shaun McGuire with the Red Dragons in the background. Above 3 photo's... Rich Howell 1985


Justin Barron being awarded two books entitled 'How to tie knots' and '50 things to do at the side of a river bank'

This was after his infamous base jump from the Clifton Suspension bridge when his parachute failed to open and he landed in the mud on the river bank.



Tom Oxley, centre, Archie McFarlane, Mac, playing the fool, again!  These photo's Paul Thompson.



Shaun McGuire also being awarded 'Poseur of the Year' award





Dave and Carol Fuller - Tom and Pam Morten with June McGuire


I would welcome any information or photo's that anyone could send to me about the club during the years that it operated.

Have you got a story about the club or any of its members? to tell? Please send them to me, although in some cases I may have to edit them a bit!