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Elizabeth Thomas                                                                   6 Mole Close

Public Services Ombudsman for Wales                                   Bettws Estate

1 Fford yr Hen Gae                                                                Newport

Pencoed                                                                                  Gwent

CF35 5LJ                                                                                NP20 7XR

23 August 2006


Dear Elizabeth Thomas,

Thank you for your letter on 27 June 2006. I am now in a position to now reply to it.

It was been obvious to me from the very beginning that making a complaint about a government organisation to the Ombudsman would not get very far and I told Sue Ryan that when I met her but much to my disgust the Ombudsman’s office and its employees are much more corrupt than I could have even imagined.

As I said in my reply to the draft report by Sue Ryan, I remember well Jamie Owen the BBC Wales TV presenter saying in his first question to an Ombudsman who was being interviewed live on BBC Wales 6pm news programme, “It is highly unusual for the Ombudsman to uphold a complaint made about a local council so why in this case did you?”

That question spoke volumes about the Ombudsman offices for Wales and its work in being the last line defence for Government organisations against genuine complaints made by the general public and shows how corrupt the Ombudsman office and its employees are!

Your investigation into my complaint or I’ll rephrase that, your lack of investigation into complaint, the fact that you failed to interview one witness who had anything to do with my complaint including the mother of my son, my wife who was present during the interview with Keith Hamilton shows how corrupt you, and in particular Sue Ryan personally and the Ombudsman office is in general.

You have accepted the word of a bereavement councillor that was not even employed in this position with the Trust at the time I made my complaint and you fully accepted her reasoning about how Keith Hamilton, someone she had never met, would have operated in investigating my initial request and he retired before she started her job.

Neither was she involved in any capacity with my particular case because at the time I made my initial request, no form of counselling was offered as was the case when I lost my son in 1974.

The bereavement counsellor took absolutely no part and has no part in either my initial request for information or in my complaint.

Basing your findings on this complete strangers opinion is corruption and makes a mockery of the British outlook of humanitarian justice.

The Ombudsman office is totally corrupt!!

Now the fact that you failed to fully investigate my complaint is something you will have to explain to a court of law in the future and shows a total disregard for an unbiased and fair investigation into my complaint.

Now it is not my job to supply you with further evidence, it is your supposedly fair and unbiased job to collate all the evidence there is and come to a justifiable conclusion, a job that you have failed miserably in.

The Ombudsmans office is corrupt!!

Now YOU won’t like this because I am naming you Elizabeth Thomas, Sue Ryan and the Ombudsman office as all being  totally corrupt and your findings without FULLY investigating my complaint makes a travesty and joke of the British Justice system, something I intend publishing to the world on my sons website.

This will show worldwide that members of the British public such as myself stand a snowballs chance in hell of ever getting a fair and completely unbiased conclusion from any Ombudsman’s Office.

I will name you, on my sons website, Sue Ryan and the Ombudsman Office as being totally corrupt and publish any contact details I can find out about yourselves for the people of the world to have their say about this matter when they read all the documentary evidence that I will publish at the same time to prove my case.

The internet is a very powerful weapon and I intend to use it to the best of my ability to get JUSTICE for my son and my family and your names I hope will go down in history as Mr Mudd’s did! 

If YOU don’t like what I publish then I expect to hear from your lawyers and I very much look forward to that!

As the saying goes, “You ain’t seen nothing yet!”

The fact that you failed to fully investigate my complaint and the fact that you did deliberately totally delay publishing your findings so that it would take me past the 3 year thresh hold for taking civil action against Gwent Healthcare NHS Trust shows just how corrupt you all are.

Now don’t start denying that because I have the letters from Sue Ryan saying “sorry for the delay in investigating your complaint but I have had more urgent things to attend to” or “sorry for the delay in investigating your complaint but I am going on holiday”

There was nothing more “URGENT” to me that getting a conclusion to my complaint and getting it sorted quickly.

A local solicitor Mr Ken Thomas published in the South Wales Argus last year that complaints made to the Health Ombudsman are usually dealt with within 3 weeks.

Mine took over 3 years!!

It took over 3 years for me to get some sort of answer from the Ombudsman and when I did it was a corrupt answer to boot!

Now you refused to interview four of the most important witnesses involved in my complaint, even worse than that, you refused to even ask these people if they would be interviewed but that matter will soon be resolved because I have now made an official complaint to Gwent Police about all the missing NHS documents concerning my initial request for information about my son Brendan Sean McGuire to Gwent Healthcare and also my initial complaint to Gwent Community Health Council.

Oh many thanks for this, I never knew until you told me that ALL the letters and documents relating to my initial request in 1999/2000 with Gwent Healthcare NHS Trust have been destroyed as well. All part of the Her Majesty’s Governments official NHS records and archives!

This whole business stinks of deceit and corruption

I have now accused both Keith Hamilton and Colin Hobbs of the deliberate destruction of all these NHS achieved documents relating to my case and I have asked that if a criminal act has been committed then I wish that these people to be prosecuted.

I also reserve the right that if a police investigation turns up more information when they interview the guilty because that is what they are and that information backs up my complaint then I will be back at the Ombudsman for a full public apology and as much compensation as I get for the anxiety, distress and grief that your conclusion has caused me.

I am already now considering suing the Ombudsman and its named employees for substantial compensation for the many months of distress, personal injury and time delaying in coming to a conclusion about my complaint quickly so that I am unable to pursue any claim against Gwent Healthcare NHS Trust.

Elizabeth Thomas, Sue Ryan, you and the Ombudsman’s office are totally corrupt and not just corrupt, you are a disgrace to the people of Wales and the United Kingdom.

Your final report is waffle and 99.9% is not worth the paper it’s written on and should be binned as I said to you in my reply to your draft report.

This battle is not finished by a long way yet!


Shaun McGuire


Parents Hold Their Children's Hands A While, But Their Hearts Forever.