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Following the advice that I had been given by Professor Margaret Brazier and Steve Catlin of the Retained Organs Commission that I should contact the local Community Health Council to make a complaint against Gwent Healthcare NHS Trust, I contacted Gwent Community Health Council and they sent me the necessary forms to be filled in. I also had to send them any documentation that I wished to support my complaint against Gwent Healthcare NHS Trust.

I copied the necessary documents and I wrote the details of my complaint which amounted to five pages long and attached them to the form. I then posted these to Gwent Community Health Council and waited for a reply. I did not take a copy of the form as it was just a question of filling it in but I did copy the nature of my complaint.



Five page letter outlining my complaint against Gwent Healthcare NHS Trust to GCHC


I waited for a reply and again I waited for a reply as I had done in December 1999 and now three weeks had passed and I still had no confirmation that they had received my complaint so I telephoned them. I spoke to a lady and said that three weeks ago I returned some forms to them with a complaint against Gwent NHS Trust. She  said that she would check on the computer and after a minute or two she told me that no letter of complaint had been received from me. I said that they must have received it or it may have been lost in the post. She checked again but she was unable to find any information about my letter. She said that she would make enquires elsewhere and would contact me.

It was the next day that I received a letter on behalf of Colin Hobbs, Public Involvement Officer for Gwent Community Health Council dated April 7, 2003 and signed by T Cottrell. Now suddenly my complaint had come to light even though there was no record of it in their database (where was it?) and because of the delay in answering it, I know that it had been sat on and was only answered because I had telephoned. I was and still am extremely suspicious of these organisations. They close ranks together.


Letter from GCHC, April 7, 2003


Mr Hobbs writes "Having carefully considered the details there is a pedantic element within these papers", remember they are the same papers you have been reading on this website and what does he mean by a pedantic element?

He then continued and said later in his letter that it appeared that I was taken legal action and if so would be unable to support my complaint, what support? and wanted clarification about this matter.

It was already now obvious to me that the Gwent Community Health Council were not on my side and probably not on the side of anybody who wished to make a complaint against the Gwent Healthcare NHS Trust and they are in-fact the first line of defence of the NHS Trust.

I wrote to Mr Hobbs on April 10, 2003 and confirmed that I was not taking legal action as I was unable to obtain legal aid and my interest was that in as much as that I had an interest registered with a solicitor and any information that I obtained, I supplied him too help in any other cases he was handling. I then asked him to spell out in plain English what he meant by "a pedantic element within the papers"

I asked that, because I didn't know what the Element!!

I finished my letter with "From the wording of your reply to me, the tone of your letter and the time it has taken for you to acknowledge receiving my complaint, I have a great feeling that "cover up No. 2" is about to take place". How right I was.


My letter , April 10, 2003


Following my previous letter I then received a reply from Mr Hobbs dated April 15, 2003 that included a copy of a letter detailing? my complaint that he had sent to Martin Turner. The extent of the previous letter considering my original complaint to him was five pages long and included numerous documents, newspaper articles etc. amounted to what only could be described as 1  paragraphs. On the other hand the letter he enclosed to me with the copy of his letter to Martin Turner was three pages long! and also NOTE that he addressed his letter to Mr Martin Turner as "Dear Martin", a clear indication that he is the crony and drinking partner of Martin Turner. Any complaint's of a significant nature made against Gwent Healthcare NHS Trust stand no chance if they are made to the Gwent Community Health Council first.



Letter to me from GCHC, April 15, 2003. Note three pages long.


In his letter to me however, besides the details of why we still have CHC's which I am totally not interested in, he state's "Your assertion that "cover up No 2" is about to take place is considered by my CHC as offensive if our function is interpreted as an independent one. I wish to reiterate the point that the CHC's in Wales are independent of the NHS and therefore we would not in any way be capable, or put in a position to "cover up"".

My answer to that is "if the cap fits, wear it"



Letter to Gwent Healthcare NHS Trust from GCHC outlining my complaint, April 15, 2003, 1 1/2 paragraphs long!!!


As can be seen from the above letter, the completely independent representative?, Mr Colin Hobbs, starts his letter "Dear Martin" and then tells him that he has included the letter's that he has sent to me, letters which I consider are private and confidential unless I choose to make them public as on this website.

Now 'Dear Martin' whose buying the beer tonight?!!


All the documents/letter's are on this website for the reader to form his/her opinion and if you agree/disagree with Mr Hobbs views then email him and tell him so.



Pedantic elements, points and issue's


  Later in his letter of April 15, 2003 to me, he says something that I have been waiting for someone to say since I wrote my first letter to Gwent Healthcare NHS Trust in December 1999 and I expected it to be by Gwent Healthcare NHS Trust and not by someone who is supposedly representing me.

"Gwent Healthcare NHS Trust did not come into being until 1996. Those matters which happened in 1974, including post-mortems, would have been undertaken by the authority in place at the time, i.e. Gwent Health Authority.

Technically therefore, whatever had happened prior to the new Gwent Healthcare NHS Trust coming into force in 1996, were inherited matters. I have no doubt, that having come into force in 1996, the Gwent Healthcare NHS Trust, would have taken responsibility for those inherited matters/issues. This is the pedantic point".

(Technically he's saying 'Its not us' it was our aliases!)

Continuing, he states " So when Gwent Healthcare NHS Trust says "it is not the practice at the Royal Gwent Hospital to remove organs for the purpose of medical research" it is an accurate statement for the current time, but not necessarily accurate for the period before Gwent Healthcare NHS Trust came into existence. A pedantic issue!"

I still don't know what the Element!

Referring to the paragraph above, I have no documents, letters or such like in my possession where it state's that Gwent Healthcare NHS Trust said to me "it is not the practice of the Royal Gwent Hospital to remove organs for the purpose of medical research", so where did this come from? and who said that to him? and who has he been talking too?

He continues in gobbledygook and and still uses the new word "pedantic" that he has been waiting to use on someone since he learned the meaning of the word many years ago and unfortunately waited untill I turned up and I don't have a clue what the Element. What a waste of a word like that!!! Could have used it in a talk to the local ramblers or cycling club.

 It's obvious that he has too much time on on his hands and that these Community Health Councils are a waste of time and money as they have found out in the rest of the UK and need to be shut down immediately.

It's funny how when people get found out that they then start making excuses and in my case now start quoting date's. I quoted dates in my original letter in 1999, I said 'May 1974' and no other date was mentioned until they got caught.

Martin Hobbs quote's after they admitted holding a post mortem and retaining Brendan's body parts that the original article in the South Wales Argus on December 9, 1999 referred to date's from 1990. Colin Hobbs in his letter now states that it only referred from 1996. Now come on lads, synchronise your story.

Mr Colin Hobbs, Public Involvement Officer for Gwent Community Health Council, crony of Martin Turner, Chief Executive of Gwent Healthcare NHS Trust, you are both a disgrace!!!

Thank God I have not had rely on Colin Hobbs to defend me in a court of law where my life was at stake. I would have topped myself to save going through a trial.

Oh and by the way, the letters of of April 15, 2003 are the last that I have ever heard from Mr Colin Hobbs and Gwent Community Health Council, my supposedly independent representatives.