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On this webpage are found the medical records of my wife during her pregnancy and birth of Brendan. Copies of these records were given given to me , firstly when we had a visit from Mr Keith Hamilton of Gwent Healthcare NHS Trust in January 2000 when he denied that a post mortem had taken place and then after the NHS Trust admitted that they had carried out a post mortem on Brendan in 2002. The latter documents I only received when I wrote to the Trust and told them that I wanted copies of every document they had. Amongst these came the mortuary report which they MUST have read back in 1999 when I first enquired about Brendan's post mortem.

Some of these copies are very bad quality and I have added them to the website so that every scrap of information I have about Brendan's birth, death and post mortem is included, I unlike some of the persons that I have had to deal with, will have no secrets about this matter.



Documents from Mr Keith Hamilton




Brendan's outpatients card, front and rear





These records are the front and reverse of the Labour record, the labour summary and the lying in record




The first two pages are from June's Regular Prescription record, letter to Dr Parsons and a letter to Dr Davies


These are the total medical records supplied by Mr Keith Hamilton in January 2000 after I wrote to Gwent Healthcare NHS Trust.




Following the letter informing me that a post mortem had been carried out on Brendan and body parts retained, I wrote to Martin Turner and asked that every medical record of my wife and Brendan should be copied and sent to me. These are the records that they sent to me and although there are a number of various documents on my wife there are none on Brendan, other than the mortuary report of a post mortem being carried out. Brendan went through a major operation at this hospital to correct an abdominal defect and they say that they have no records of this, why?

Some of these records are duplicate copies of the records above and are listed not in any particular order, they are here too show what I received.












This is complete list of documents that have been supplied to me by Gwent Healthcare NHS Trust.