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Following publication of the website about Brendan, I received a number of emails from the people I sent the web address  too and some ordinary citizens that had read about the website.

One email in particular came from a Welsh Assembly member named Jocelyn Davies who is the Plaid Cymru member for South Wales East.

In this email she asked if I would send her my telephone number which I did. The following day she telephoned me and said that she knew Gwent Healthcare NHS Trust were lying because she herself had signed a post mortem form for her child in 1988. She said that she was now very concerned and had asked another AM, Jonathan Morgan to make inquires on her behalf.

The rest of the story unfolds below but before I sent the email  to all the AM's, press, etc saying that Jocelyn herself had signed a post mortem form and that she would find that  Gwent Healthcare NHS Trust would be holding body parts of her child, I sent Jocelyn three emails which included telling her that I was going public about her involvement in this matter as I had waited 3 months for some action to take place and that I would prefer that she went to the press herself.

I received no reply to these emails from Jocelyn.



 These are the three emails I sent


11 June 2004 20:37

Hello Jocelyn,

I thought that I had sent this email to you when I received your last but I have just found it in the 'drafts' box of outlook express, so I'll try again.

Sorry for the delay and obviously what I originally say below will now be out of date, but I will still send it to you anyway.


Has there been any further contact from Gwent Healthcare?







Jocelyn many thanks for your reply.


I've attached a PDF document which is a reply I received last Friday from Jane Hutt.


When you telephoned me last I was taken a back by what you had told me as I was under the impression that all families had been told if there were any organs retained, not only by Gwent Healthcare NHS Trust but also the other Welsh NHS Trusts. It came as a great shock too me.

I have read some more documentation since and the reply from Jane Hutt confirms that they have only informed families that HAVE MADE enquires with them and not ALL families.


From what you are saying then I suspect the worst and I am afraid that you may have too go through what a large number of families have gone through already and if so I am very sorry. I have found that the Gwent Healthcare NHS Trust have no qualms in telling lies if it means that they can wriggle out of a situation to save their own backsides and they have obviously made some initial enquires and if there were no remains I think that they would have told Jonathan Morgan


. In my heart, I hope there no are no remains of your child even though that if you go through the same ordeal as myself, it would help my case.


When I wrote my final letter telling them their fortune, I received a letter in reply within a week and there then followed a number of weeks (6?) while they now made a proper investigation.


They know that because of your position they are now in a more difficult situation than they have been before. There is no need for records to be viewed, copies of all the records relating to your case must be DEMANDED without any conditions being attached. I would write one letter and tell them that you are insisting that they deal with Jonathan Morgan AM and if necessary threaten legal action. Threats do work even if you have no intention of legal action.


Perhaps if you would like, we could meet and discuss the situation. I know you have an office in Newport but I will be prepared to meet you anywhere and perhaps Mr Morgan as well.


The reason that I emailed you now was because I was about to reply to the letter from Jane Hutt, but I will put that on hold for the time being.






22 July 2004 18:04



Hello Jocelyn,


Would you please contact me by telephone on 01633 856235




Shaun McGuire



26 July 2004 21:24


Hello Jocelyn,


It's been 3 months now since you contacted me and told me that you knew that Gwent Healthcare NHS Trust were lying as you yourself had signed a post mortem form for your child in 1988.


As I have to fire every bullet in my fight to get an enquiry into the lies that I was told, then I have to put the information about you into the public domain. I was hoping that you yourself would do this but my last couple of emails too you have gone unanswered.


Therefore in the next day or so I intend to email all of the AM's again and all of the press with as much information as I have.




Shaun McGuire


01633 856235




New email sent on August 1, 2004

The recipients are as below <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; PITY II <>; <>; <>; <>; Skynews <>; <>; <>; <>; Gareth Phillips <>; Sally Davies-CFNEWS <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; Wood, Leanne (Assembly Member) <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; Davies, Jocelyn (AM) <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; Wendy Conroy <>; Roger & Pam Millward <>; Allen Morgan <>; <>; <>; Shaun McGuire <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; Griffiths, John (AM) <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; Shelley Wesson <>; Nicola <>




On April 22, 2004 I emailed everyone in the address bar above about a website that I had set up on my son Brendan Sean McGuire.

Brendan only lived for 36 hours and then his body was robbed by the Gwent Healthcare NHS Trust? or whatever alias they were using then and these body parts were filed away for more than 28 years. That is,  they could have only been filed away for 26 years but Martin P Turner, liar, Chief Executive of the NHS Trust? and the Gwent Healthcare NHS Trust? told myself and my family a complete pack of lies and totally denied for over two years that they had ever carried out a post mortem on my son or kept any parts of him. They even went as far as sending a representative to my home, who looked both my wife and myself in the eyes and told us the lies that he had been told to say by Martin P Turner.


WHY, to save the backsides of Martin P Turner and the Gwent Healthcare NHS Trust? because they feared the outcome of legal action and the outcry that was happening at that time at the Alderhey and Bristol hospitals as it was beginning to come to the public attention just how widespread the robbing of bodies of the deceased of their organs was in the NHS. They did not give a DAMN about the feeling's of the relatives of the deceased or of parents such as myself and were only concerned about saving their own skins.


They put themselves FIRST.


Martin P Turner went even further that the other NHS Trusts in that he gave his  'PLEDGE TO PARENTS' and to all of the people of Gwent that Gwent Healthcare NHS Trust? had 'NEVER' performed post mortems on children in the local press, a downright blatant, malicious and deliberate lie by Martin P Turner with absolutely no condideration of the feelings of the relatives of the deceased concerned.


For those of you who do not understand the word 'Pledge' , it means 'Solemn promise'



Remember Martin P Turner is one of the highest paid Chief Executives of the NHS Trusts in the whole of UK and operates one of the most failing NHS trusts in the whole of UK. That alone is good enough reason to get rid of him.


Following advice from the Retained Organs Commission, I made a complaint to the Gwent Community Health Council, a complaint that was not taken up or acted on seriously by Colin Hobbs of that organisation. It can be seen from the reply I had from him that he is the cronie of Martin Turner and is the first line of defence if anyone makes a complaint against Gwent Healthcare NHS Trust?  Gwent Community Health Council and the other Welsh CHC's MUST be disbanded as they have been in the rest of the UK because the represent no-one but the NHS Trusts? and are a complete waste of public money.



Now to come to the main point of this newsletter.


Following publication of the website about my son, I emailed  all of the Welsh Assembly member's and many other's with the web address and finished that email with the words,


'How would you like this to happen to you'


Little did I expect to be contacted a day or so later by Jocelyn Davies, Plaid Cymru AM for South Wales East who asked me for my telephone number and after forwarding that onto her, she telephoned me and told me that she knew Gwent Healthcare NHS Trust were telling a pack of lies, because she herself had signed a post mortem form for her child that she lost in 1988.


Davies, Jocelyn (AM) <>

26 April 2004 16:29

Do you think we could have a chat about this matter?  I'd rather speak to
you than reply by e-mail.  Maybe you'd send me your contact details.
Jocelyn Davies
Plaid Cymry Assembly Member for South East




She told me that she was now very concerned after reading the detail on the website about my son Brendan Sean McGuire and that she had asked Jonathan Morgan, a conservative AM, to contact Gwent Healthcare about her own child and see if any body parts were retained. I know for a fact, that if a post mortem form is signed, then a post mortem WILL take place and THERE will be body parts retained as the process of making blocks and slides takes longer than it does to bury the body. Remember the 'PLEDGE TO PARENTS' (Solemn promise to parents) in the South Wales Argus December 9, 1999 and the post mortem on  Jocelyn's child would have taken place in1988.



A couple of weeks went by and I emailed Jocelyn again.

She replied,


Davies, Jocelyn (AM) <>

18 May 2004 13:21

As you know, I was needing to ask them details of my own case before
proceeding because I can't be in a position of having a personal interest
without know it.  I decided the best way to establish that was to get another
AM to make enquiries on my behalf.  Jonathan Morgan, a Conservative Member,
agreed and has written to the Trust.  He's had a very strange reply which
basically asks him if he'd consult me with the proposal that they deal
directly with me.  That's a bit odd in itself.  Whenever I've contacted an
organisation for someone I've never had a reply that offers to deal directly
with that person.  Their reason for making this offer is because it may
takes weeks or even months.  That again is a bit odd, because surely if the
audit you mentioned to me has already been carried out thoroughly then this
is hardly a massive task.  Any advice for me?  I was considering asking Mr
Morgan if he's come and view my file with me.

-----Original Message-----
From: Shaun []
Sent: 18 May 2004 11:51
To: Davies, Jocelyn (AM)






Davies, Jocelyn (AM) <>

18 May 2004 13:50

I've just spoken with Rhodri Glyn Thomas and we both agree that we can't
wait for the reply from the Trust about my case before supporting your call
for an inquiry. I'm checking the official record on what Jane Hutt said to
the Assembly on this matter and Rhodri will then frame the request for an
inquiry around that.  We'll come back to you as soon as we can.

-----Original Message-----
From: Shaun []
Sent: 18 May 2004 11:51
To: Davies, Jocelyn (AM)

Hello Jocelyn,
I was wondering if you had any information back from Gwenthealthcare NHS
Shaun McGuire
01633 856235






Since that last email I have heard no more from Jocelyn and I suspect that she has found out about her child and by this time may well have gone through a second funeral as myself and thousands of other families. In some families, three and four funerals.

My heart goes  to Jocelyn as I know how she feels.


Now, I know that as she signed a post mortem form then parts of her child were taken and stored. As far as I am aware the production of blocks and slides takes a week or two, so the body is buried before these parts could be returned, not that the NHS Trusts had intention of returning them anyway.


It should be remembered that the taking and storage of these body parts is illegal without proper and informed consent, then the storage of all the body parts that are in the Welsh hospitals is illegal as well and the relatives of the persons concerned should be informed of there presence.


Please note that if any relative of yours has had a post mortem in the past, then there WILL be body parts still stored at some hospital.

They will NOT tell you, you have to ask them and that is totally wrong. The majority of body parts are not used for anything, no research, no teaching, nothing, just stored away and they could be parts of YOUR family and they are certainly body parts of someone's family.These body parts should be given a proper and dignified burial as are the body parts of the unknown children at the Alderhey hospital in Liverpool.


I am not asking, I am demanding an inquiry as to why I was told for over two years a complete pack of lies, lies that were deliberately and maliciously told to myself and my family by Martin P Turner, Chief Executive of Gwent Healthcare NHS Trust? so that they could protect themselves and they did not give a damn about us or for that matter many other families in a similar situation under the Gwent. Gwent Healthcare NHS Trust? and were the only Welsh NHS Trust that deliberately went too the local press to deceive the people in light of the scandals that were developing at the Alderhey and Bristol hospitals.


I am not asking, I am demanding an inquiry as to why Colin Hobbs of the Gwent Community Health Council did not thoroughly investigate my complaint against the Gwent Healthcare NHS Trust? and it is obvious from his correspondence that he is a personal friend of Martin P Turner and is therefore prejudiced against any person making a complaint against Gwent Healthcare NHS Trust.


I will make an official complaint in writing to Jane Hutt, Minister of Health and Social Services which I will expect to be thoroughly investigated and obviously if it is not, then it's being covered up as it has been so far.


Whilst on the subject of Jane Hutt, I hope that when she meets Jocelyn Davies in the Assembly building, she will look Jocelyn in the eye's and tell her the same bullshit that she emailed too me.


The subject of Organ Retention has now firmly and squarely landed in the middle of the floor of the Welsh Assembly and I hope you will ALL do something about it.


Until I get an inquiry, then I will spend the rest of life in this task and where necessary pull a few stunts such as other persons who have had to resort to measures such as camping on the doors of the Assembly building. If you have any doubts about my resolve in this matter, then I suggest you ask John Griffiths AM who knows me personally.


One last point, the retention of body parts from Jocelyn's child has as yet not been confirmed to me by anyone, but they do exist.



The web address for those of you who have thrown it away is



Shaun McGuire

01633 856235



 Below are the replies that I received to this email


Dunwoody-Kneafsey, Tamsin (Assembly Member) <>

02 August 2004 07:03


Hello Shaun,
    Thank you for your email. I am very sorry to hear of your experiences. As
you know, we have a strict protocol which means we are unable to take
casework from other AM's constituents. However, I will raise the matter with
my own Trust to attempt to ensure that Preseli parents do not suffer this
I hope your complaint to Jane Hutt assists in ameliorating what must have
been a terrible series of events for you and your family.
With best wishes,



Griffiths, John (AM) <>

02 August 2004 09:39


I will certainly leave no-one who asks me in any doubt as to your resolve in
these matters
Best wishes



Marek, John (AM) <>

02 August 2004 07:39


Thank you for your e-mail: I read it with concern.  Please be assured that I
will support Jocelyn Davies' initiative: these matters can take time, I am
sure you will hear further from her in due course.   
Dr John Marek AM.


Jocelyn Davies AM


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South Wales Argus August 16, 2004



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