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By following the links below, you can read archived newspaper reports and see in one case a tv report of my search for the TRUTH of what happened to my son Brendan and of our families search for  JUSTICE.

 Justice against organisations and the persons who run these organisations who think that they have Gods right to to impose themselves in people's lives and to cause misery and suffering by telling deliberate and malicious lies, so that they can protect their own backsides.


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BBC Television - May 28, 2002

To see the actual tv news film that was used, it is necessary to download and install

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South Wales Argus - April 8, 2002


South Wales Argus - November 25, 2003


South Wales Argus - March 29, 2004


Western Mail - February 12, 2003


Western Mail - March 27, 2004


Western Mail - April 26, 2004