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The Aims

The aim and purpose of this website is to seek JUSTICE not only for my son but mainly for myself against the persons and organisations that consider that they have God's right to inflict mental pain and suffering on whoever they so choose. Although there are many other families in Wales and the rest of the UK who have gone through the same ordeal as myself, my case is a little unique to the other's in that I was told a complete pack of lies from the very beginning when I made my first enquiry in December 1999. I believe there is only one other family out of hundreds or more in Wales who were told the same. All the other families were told by their local health authorities after the NHS Trusts were ordered by the Welsh Assembly to contact the relatives of the body parts that were stored. In my case Gwent Healthcare NHS Trust continued to tell me malicious lies after these orders.

Gwent Healthcare NHS Trust have NEVER EVER volunteered information to myself other than when they received my letter's and WOULD NEVER have volunteered any information to me if I had not written.

Certain persons and organisations on this website namely, Martin P Turner, Colin Hobbs, the Gwent Healthcare NHS "TRUST? not on your nellie!" and that totally 'independent organisation' named Gwent Community Health Council (isn't that right, Dear Martin) think that they have God's right to play around with my EMOTION'S and NATURAL HUMAN RIGHTS. We'll they are wrong and I will do my utmost to ensure they will not get away with it.

Martin Turner because of the scandals at the Alder Hey and Bristol hospitals, set out from the very beginning, because he knew that the Gwent hospitals were and still are holding many body parts, to deceive and lie to the people of Gwent and pre-empt any enquiry by relatives of the body parts they were holding by publishing an article where he specifically states that the Gwent Healthcare NHS Trust? have NEVER performed post mortems on children and he gave his "PLEDGE TO PARENTS" to that effect.


For the benefit of Martin P Turner, Colin Hobbs and the many politician's who could help me in my quest for an inquiry into the way I was treated, I will give you the dictionary definition of the word "PLEDGE".

The word "PLEDGE" means "SOLEMN PROMISE", do YOU understand those words?, if not, is that why some of you are politician's?


If you have read his letters to me on this website, when the truth in my case comes out, he then states 'well that article only meant from 1990', even though there's a newspaper article where a lady from Abergavenny finds out that her still born baby's body was robbed by him in 1993 and that in my first letter I had said that my son was born and died on May 29/30, 1974

(Note, Martin Turner Chief Executive of Gwent Healthcare NHS Trust? is ultimately responsible for the actions of his employee's even though in his letter to me, he keeps passing the buck back down the chain including to me)

This fact had obviously been noticed by that independent, (we'll make your complaint for you) Colin Hobbs of Gwent Community Health Council who in his letter to me states that the article only applied from 1996!!

The Welsh Assembly what are you doing about all the body parts that you know are being held. You've held a stock take and as far as I am aware, refuse to divulge just what is being held. Remember, any parts that were taken at a hospital post mortem are being held , whether you know of or don't know of the relatives of these body parts, illegally as the original taking of these was illegal as the Honourable Justice Gage has judged in the High Court in London on March 26, 2004.

TELL US THE TRUTH, what have you got!


Remember when I wrote the very first letter to Martin Turner on December 9, 1999 (Dec. 6th by mistake), I asked only one simple question,

"Can you give me assurances that I buried my son complete"

What did I get, my first letter completely ignored, when I wrote again, contact, only by telephone (mustn't put anything in writing) and finally I get a letter that is totally full of malicious lies.


For an epilogue of this particular section, I will state if anybody, person or organisation thinks that I have libelled them on this website then I look forward to a day in court where the said individuals/organisations can be made too eat, chew and choke on every word that has been written to me. Likewise any action taken to remove this website from the internet will be met by it appearing elsewhere in its entirety but with the details of those responsible of removing it added.

Certain persons/organisation's think that because they are backed by multi-millions of pounds (public money in this case) that they can impose themselves on any person's life as they wish, so that they can protect their backsides and save themselves from the law. I live in a council house (now ex) in Newport and do not have two half-pennies too rub together, but I do have the internet which is an extremely more potent and powerful world wide weapon than what they hold, and if that fails, I'm back too the local press.

The taking of my sons body parts was illegal, aiding and abetting the taking of these body parts by lies and deceit must therefore also be illegal.

My basic human rights have been infringed and my mental health has been suffering from four years of lies and deceit.



The Desires


I am demanding a full public inquiry as to why I was told a pack of deliberate and malicious lies by Martin Turner and the Gwent Healthcare NHS Trust in January 2000 and why they continued to repeat these lies for the next 2 years.


I am demanding a full public inquiry as to why Martin Turner and Gwent Healthcare NHS Trust did deliberately and maliciously publish an article in the South Wales Argus on December 8, 1999 giving their 'Pledge to Parents' and stating that they have NEVER carried out post mortems on children when they were fully aware that their hospital were and probably still are holding many body parts of the children that they have robbed the bodies of.


I am demanding a full public inquiry as to why my complaint to a supposedly totally independent organisation, the Gwent Community Health Council was not implemented because Colin Hobbs is the crony of Martin Turner and as to why that over a year later I still have not received any information as to my original complaint from Colin Hobbs or the Gwent Community Health Council.


I want from Martin Turner, a full public apology by radio, tv and newspaper for holding body parts of my son Brendan for 28 years and the malicious lies in stating that the Gwent Healthcare NHS Trust never performed a post mortem or held body parts of my son Brendan and the damage to my health that he has caused me over the last four years by these malicious lies. Remember, he used the press for his own means to cover up the fact that they were holding body parts and therefore any acceptable apology must be by the same methods.


I want compensation, not financial, I want 'heads to roll'. Whose? Martin Turner's, Colin Hobbs and any members of the boards that these two individuals work for or anyone else who has supported them.

I want them 'sacked' as any other individual in most companies who fail in their job would be and sent away without any financial compensation.

Now as I live in 'cloud cuckoo' land I KNOW this will happen but if not,  I'll take what I can get.


I want to know WHO gave Martin Turner the RIGHT to have a profound effect on my life (and probably many other families) and resurrect memories from a distant past that I had come to terms with and lived with for decades and in doing so has now affected my whole life and mental health.



I want the Welsh Assembly to admit how many body parts of how many persons that the NHS Trusts  have held or are holding and how many families have been affected by this. They know because they have already done a audit.

And if they will not, WHY?

Note, They'll probably say 'We didn't read that bit on the website'