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These are various links to other websites about Brendan's condition and his family history.

Click on the images to be taken to the websites.

On both the website's below their are many other links to other website's about the same topics.



This is the Pity 2, "Parents who have interred their youngsters twice" website formed when the scandal at the Alder Hey hospital broke in 1999.





This is the GEEPS  "Gastroschisis, Exomphalos, Extrophies Parents Support" website.

This website explains the above condition's as well as the treatment required to correct these problems.



Brendan's family history website's.



 The McGuire Family                        The Gillard Family                    The Morgan Family


and of his second cousin

please click

Lancaster ED627 of 207 Squadron RAF



Wales News


Adam Rykala's  news website for Wales