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After setting up this website, I published it to the world by first sending an email to a number of friends and relatives in one email to see if that email would be sent to each and every person named on it. It is possible that by sending an email to multiple persons I could get labelled as a 'spammer'

The reason for this is that I wanted to send the URL of this website to many other persons and organisations and I did not want them bouncing back to me. They were news organisations such as newspapers, tv and radio stations and a second one to all the AM's of the Welsh Assembly, a number of MP's, the Prime Minister and the Secretary of State for Health and also and most importantly to Gwent Healthcare NHS Trust and the Gwent Community Heath Council. How could I forget them?.

It will be interesting just to see if I get any replies at all, although at this moment I have received one from Paul Flynn MP for Newport West (below) and this is where the idea for this webpage has come from. The replies I receive from anybody that emails me personally will be added to this page and especially any that come from our political representatives and if they do not reply or comment on the website, then you will be able to gather just how much these representatives care about my problems and from that, you will be able to gauge just how much they care about yours.

If you follow this link then you can meet the members of the Welsh Assembly, all of whom I have contacted.

If you wish to support me then contact email addresses for the AM's can be found by following the link above.


When I published this site to the web I sent emails to all of the Welsh Assembly members (AM's) to tell them about it so that they could read my story and see how myself and my family were treated by the Gwent Healthcare NHS trust and the Gwent Community Health Council.

I received three replies from Assembly members. They were from Nicholas Bourne, the Conservative leader in the Welsh Assembly, Jocelyn Davies the Plaid Cymru representative for South Wales East and Leanne Wood also of Plaid Cymru who said that they would look at my website about Brendan in more detail.

Although I have no political allegiance or axe too grind, it should be noted that not one member of the Labour Party who supposedly represent working class persons such as myself  has made any comment of sympathy, acknowledgement of receipt of my email or anything else.  That is unless you include Paul Flynn's email below which  was a waste of time and internet use.

My parents were brought up and brought me as a Labour Party supporter and I bet that they are turning in their grave over the lack of concern of this party's representative's about their son and grandson problem's.

Please take note of the above at any elections as you may need help in the future yourselves.



Paul Flynn, MP for Newport West

Email... 22 April  2004, 15.55


Dear Mr McGuire,

Thank you for your e-mail and I have visited your website.
as far as I understand the present position is that the next step is likely to be a legal one based on what you call the 'legal eagles'  who will decide on the basis on recent precedents.

Courts are always acting on the basis of what decisions are taken by other courts on similar cases. I note you say that your case is 'unique' and has features that are different to others. Certainly as a compensation is a possible outcome, your best course is to seek the advice of your solicitors on the best way forward.

best wishes,

Paul Flynn

Paul Flynn MP
House of Commons

Tel: 020 7219 3478/ 01633 262348


Contact Paul Flynn by clicking  HERE


My Response


email... 27 April 2004 18:01


Thank you Mr Flynn for your reply to my email and your comments of sympathy and sadness that you have expressed about the loss of our son Brendan Sean McGuire. Also for the disgust you have shown about the way we were treated subsequently by Gwent Healthcare NHS Trust and their robbing our son of his body parts. My wife and myself have taken great comfort from your words.


What planet am I living on? Paul Flynn offer sympathy and help to Joe Public., no chance.


The only reason that I forwarded on the email to you was at sometime in the future, I will be asked if I have approached my local MP and I can now say yes and what a waste of time it was. It was a couple of years ago that I asked for your help when Newport Borough Council was trying too evict my wife and myself. Your reply to me was 'I cannot get involved' so I did not expect any other reaction from you.


Well because you could not get involved, I fought the case alone and WON. Newport Borough Council; were ordered by the County Court to carry out every repair that I had been asking for the previous 8 years and ordered by the County Court to pay me compensation for their failuire to carry out those repairs. My Legal Aid bill was nearly £4000 and I estimate that the total cost of that case was near £10.000.  £10,000 of public money that went to the 'legal eagles' because you WOULD NOT get involved. You are personally responsible for that waste of money.


With regards to the comment that you did make on the legal action side of the website, well that is fully in control of my solicitor and if I wanted your comments on that side, I would have asked for them.


You Mr Flynn have forgotten your roots and the roots of the Labour Party and I am certain that on many occasions you can be heard singing to the song the 'Red Flag'  the words, 'the working class can kiss my arse, I've got the MP's job at last'


You Mr Flynn and Arry Jones have to earn respect, thats the only way you will get it but never from me.


I see that because Arry Jones is under fire from so many Newport residents as are all the labour party representatives because of their complete failure to take notice of the views of Newport's residents and the fact that they awarded themselves £20, 000 for a job that they volunteered to do and were more than handsomely paid for that job, you had to write to the South Wales Argus last week to try and support them. As someone who also wrote to SWA said 'its worth £20,000 to get rid of them'.


What's your price!


I'll never ask for your help? again in the future and my advice to anybody that reads this is not too either that is unless you want help in ILLEGAL activities such as drug taking and body snatching and God knows what else.


Your email to me has already been posted on Brendan's website and this reply will be also as soon as I send it to you.




Shaun McGuire




It  should be noted that Paul Flynn MP for Newport West as run many campaigns such as getting druggies more fixes and trying to abolish Bull Bars, etc and even stepping in many times in the local newspaper to defend the local Labour Council and its Labour members from the flak they receive from the residents of Newport. Why can't they do that themselves? The campaigns he started have always failed or even made an impression (nobody takes any notice of him), so I am very thankful that he NEVER gave me any help as it would have been an instant lost cause. You can tell that, by the fact that he has had to set up his own website to tell everyone 'how wonderful he is', a true legend in his own mind!!


There has been no further reply from Paul Flynn, I wonder why?



Sally Davies, Producer Current affairs, BBC Wales

email... 19 April 2004 10:00


Hi Shaun,


Thanks for your email, and glad to be able to help.  I've had a look at the website, which very nearly moved me to tears. 

If you would like publicity for it when it's launched let me know well in advance as it may be that our radio investigative current affairs programme would be interested.  Don't worry though we won't publicise it until you give the word.


What strikes me as the worst thing is the way you were misled.  I think in those days keeping tisse was the norm, even though it was obviously wrong to do it without the relatives' knowledge and consent.


But what you've had to go through to get to the truth about it all just shows what  a fight people have when they come up against authority.  It's appalling if they think you can just be fobbed off like you don't matter.


Please do keep in touch.  And if  your cousin's grand-daughter's family want to talk to me about their experience of gastroschisis I would be pleased to hear from them.


With very best wishes,






Tanya Ashton, Bettws resident

email... 22 April 2004 21:38


my name is tanya ashton i don't know whether shelly has mentioned me to you but i to had a little boy born with gastroshcisis his name is joel and he is nearly three years old
shelly sent me the link for your web site and as i was reading it i couldn't help but cry the way you were treated was outrageous but that is not the only reason i cried so many things you said brought back memories for me the beeping still haunts me too even though my child is now well, the feeling of being out of control you want what is best for your child so you just let the medical staff do what they have to do you trust them to have your child's best interests at heart but they don't seem to understand why you are so concerned
i really don't want this to sound the wrong way as they should never have retain any of your sons organs without your permission under any circumstances but maybe the fact that they did was the reason they were able to save my chid and the thousands of other children born with the condition but it still doesn't make it right
if you ever want any help with your fight at all you let me know and i will be there you keep on fighting and don't let them get away with what they did
you can contact me any time
tanya & joel


My Response

 June and myself as well as countless other families whose children had their organs retained could have taken great comfort from the fact that these organs had been used too help other children such as Joel so that they could lead a normal life. Unfortunately as in our case, this did not happen and the body parts were just put into storage, ours for 28 years. Why take them and why store them, nobody has as yet told us.



Frances Bowers, Southampton

email... 26 April 2009 13:32


Hello Shaun and June. I was shocked to say the very least to read your most moving story of baby Brendan. No parent should have to suffer extra heart break  after the loss of a child for so many years. It fully endorses what I already know. That is-------parents are kept in the dark on many issues, almost as if they have no right to be even asking questions! The red tape is firmly pulled tight. I am so glad you wouldn't let go. Carry on all your good work.




South Wales Argus, April 24, 2004 and Western Mail, April 26, 2004



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Leanne Wood, Welsh Assembly Member for Plaid Cymru

email... 04 May 2004 12:46


Dear Mr McGuire
Many thanks for your recent email. Please accept my sincere condolences for
everything that you have been through. It sounds like you have been through
I have forwarded your email to Jocelyn Davies, the Plaid Cymru AM who covers
the Gwent area. I am sure that she will be in contact with you soon.
I wish you all the very best of luck with your campaign and sincerely hope
that you will achieve justice.
Yours sincerely
Leanne Wood
Leanne Wood AC/AM
Plaid Cymru - The Party of Wales
Canol De Cymru / South Wales Central
Cynulliad Cenedlaethol Cymru / National Assembly for Wales
ffôn/tel: 029 2089 8256    ffacs/fax: 029 2089 8257



Jan Robinson, Treasurer of Pity II

email... 04 May 2004 23:13


Hi Shaun 

Thank you for your emails and for sharing your experiences with us. We will certainly include your
details in our next newsletter.
We have read the Website with interest - you have obviously put an awful lot of hard work into Brendan's
Website - the experiences you have had over the past few years must have been very difficult for you and your family to deal with.

From talking to families it is so clear that many feel very frustrated and justifiably angry that nobody has been held accountable for what happened to their child or relative. Discovering that your child or relative is involved in unconsented organ/tissue  retention is bad enough without having to fight to discover the truth. We know from experience how this can erode your trust and confidence in any organisations, especially those that are meant to help.  There is no excuse for dealing with families in this way.
Having to cope with such deep emotions can really wear you out. Although you have found it difficult at times to tell your experience you have continued to fight on.
It takes great courage to stand up in a room of complete strangers and tell them your experience.
You did that with great dignity. You obviously have a strong supportive family around you and from reading your guest book support from many many different people.
Please remember Shaun, that because hundreds of families, like yours and ours, from all around the country have stood up and been counted, new laws will be put in place to stop this happening again in the future. We know that this cannot undo the damage that has been done to so many families but hopefully these new laws will serve as a legacy to our children.
Once again thank you for sharing with us Brendan's story and your families experience. We will put the website address in our next newsletter.

kind regards

Jan Robinson
on behalf of PITY II


Note... Jan was a member of the Retained Organs Commission panel and was present at the meeting of the ROC in Cardiff on March 12 - 13, 2003.  See ROC page on this website.



Jane Hutt AM

Minister for Health and Social Services, Welsh Assembly.

This is a reply I have received from Jane Hutt Am in a PDF document

Email... 14 May 2004 10:41


Click images



Kay Wadey, Cherub

(Cambridge Helpline East Anglia Region Support Unit for Bereaved Parents)

Email... 21 May 2004 00:53


Dear Shaun

Thank you for your email this evening sending me details of your website.

Since receiving it I have read as much as I can of it before this day closes, and I am writing this now because I want you to have a response tonight.

Once again I find my heart goes out to another family suffering the pain not only of a death, but of discovering about organ retention, and then the battle for reaching the truth in their own case.

On a personal level I remember eighteen years ago my four year old son taking my hand in his and saying very seriously to me when I told him his baby brother had died the night before, ‘well mummy, then you will have to have another one’ ; I did, ( well, two daughters over later years) but as we all know, no ‘new’ baby can or should replace any other.

Also, I started my questioning in 1999. I still have answers escaping me. I will find them eventually. The more I ask, the more questions I find!

As coordinator of `Cherub’ my concern has always been to offer what ever help I can to each family that makes contact. There have been many.

Long term, the change in practice for the future is vitally important.

For that future to be secure I feel it’s desperately important to watch the fine detail of all new legislation.
The idea that legislation has been ‘promised’ so we can all relax and assume the moment has passed is a little too optimistic for me.

I feel very strongly that proper education about all procedures following all deaths should generally be made available to us the mere public as well; without open, transparent, and full information not just at the time of a death how can we hope to be able to make any sensible choices either at those most difficult moments in our lives, or even about after our own death?

As you probably know, it is such common practice to take’ tissue’ from the deceased at post mortem, it’s likely to be the norm that families find tissue was retained, at least long enough to miss the funeral if not for years

Further, as the vast majority of post mortems are ordered by a coroner, and no consent form was required at all in coroner’s cases, there is a possible question about  coroners’ duty of care here.

What media attention there has been to date has carefully concentrated on the tip of the iceberg!     I wonder why.....

It’s late, I must just add that I admire your courage to have worked so relentlessly, and wish you well for your future personal peace

In empathy, sympathy and with best wishes