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May 29, 1974 - May 30, 1974

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"I want from the Trust, assurances and proof that any organs or body parts that were removed from my sons body at a post mortem were returned to his body for burial and not kept by the Hospital Authorities"

Shaun McGuire - December 9, 1999

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Please note that all official documents and letters that you can see on this web site no longer exist in the archives of Gwent Healthcare NHS Trust due to a "clerical error"

Martin Turner and Gwent Healthcare NHS Trust now renamed the Aneurin Bevan Trust adding an insult to this man's name have policy of systematically destroying all evidence of anything that they consider to be incriminating and that also includes patients records!

Destoying any records is a criminal offence but was fully backed up by the Gwent Police when I asked them to investigate but they found no incriminating evidence because senior police officers pressurised the investigators not to pursue the investigation so that they could protect their friends!  This was admitted to me by at the time Sgt. Chris Watts of Gwent police, now Inspector who subsequently totally denied the admittance.

Shaun McGuire - 6th September 2009 updated 12th June 2011



23 August 2006

All documents relating to a complaint I have made under the NHS Complaints procedure.

Read the decision by the Wales Ombudsman and its corrupt and biased findings.

Find out how they came to their conclusion without even interviewing one witness involved. In fact they refused to interview any witnesses with the exception of one who was totally not involved with my complaint and accepted her views of how a person she had never met and knew nothing about because she wasn't employed there at the time, would have carried out his investigation into my complaint.

Read how all the UK National Health Service archived documents relating to my original request for information about my son in 1999 and the first complaint I made under the NHS Complaints procedure in 1993, no longer exist as they were deliberately destroyed by former employees of Gwent Healthcare NHS Trust and Gwent Community Health Council.

They wanted no documentary evidence to survive about my enquires and the destruction of these documents are clearly a criminal offence!

I will name and shame all individuals who has anything to do with my complaint and it will be fully backed up by publication of all the documents for you yourselves to decide.

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28 August 2006

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