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Website for members of the former Hereford Parachute Club

This website  was created on August 10, 2003.



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The above photo's are Andy landing and doing a dangle dive. Andy is hanging from the aircraft nearest the undercarriage. The dangle dive photo is by Leo Dickinson.


The Strongbow skydiving team of 1978.

L - R top...  Bob Walters, Peter Prior (Chairman of Bulmers and a skydiver), Andy Mann

bottom...    Tony Thomas and Mick Mason



Dave Howerski and with a student



Frank Joel, one of the original founders of the club landing on his trusty TU and Terry Jickells, one of the original instructors.



Trevor Warrenger



Swansea Boogey 1982

In the first photo John Boxall is at the top, then Andy and Paul Kibblewhite in the middle. The second photo consists mainly of HPC members and in the third photo, Paul Kibblewhite is on the left with the guy wearing the beige jumpsuit holding his right leg.



Mark Owens - dive exit, John Boxall and some RW over Shobdon


The (In)Famous "Golden Eagles" parachute team!

Andy Mann, Kevin McCarthy, Justin Barron, John Charlton and Brian Lewis


4.45am on the morning after the 20th anniversary

unknown, Pam Morten, Andy, Tom Morten and Bert Wear


Delta 2 Parawing



Two photo's by Leo Dickinson of a series that show a premature opening of a canopy after exiting the aircraft. They were used in Leo's book, 'Filming the Impossible'

Andy is coming out of the door in the first photo.



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I would welcome any information or photo's that anyone could send to me about the club during the years that it operated.

Have you got a story about the club or any of its members? to tell? Please send them to me, although in some cases I may have to edit them a bit!