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Muriel Gillard

Muriel, was born at Cwmbran on July 27, 1912. She married Harry Powell and they had one child, Theresa(Tessie).


In this photo, Harry Powell can be seen at the rear of everybody, 2nd from the right. Also Jack Gillard, 4th from left at rear.

Muriel, 4th from left and Tessie, 5th from left, bottom.


Muriel died on Jan 16, 1949, aged 37 and is buried in the Cwmbran cemetery.


This is Muriel's grave in Cwmbran cemetery. Her daughter Tessie's ashes are now buried in her grave with her.


In this photo, Muriel can be seen running into the picture.

back... Geoff Gillard, Tessie Powell, Muriel's daughter

front... Yvonne, Mona and Peter (Pearson's)