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Jack Gillard

Jack was born in Cwmbran on July 2, 1909. His parents were William  and Frances Gillard (nee Morgan). He was their second child born.

In the late 1920's or early 1930's, Jack moved down to Padstow in Cornwall working on the railway line there.  He met and later married a local girl named May Combes.

May was born in Padstow on October 12, 1912. She had a reputation as being an excellent swimmer in the sea and won some of the local competitions.

From this union, three children were born, Francis (Frank), Geoffrey and Yvonne.

Jack died in the 1970's and his ashes are scattered on the mountainside in Cwmbran near the Mountain Air public house.

May died on December 24, 2000 and her ashes are buried in Padstow.


Jack and May on their 25th wedding anniversary.

Outside their home at Caldicot, Mon.



Jack and May again

Jack, Frank, Geoff and May with Yvonne in Jack's arms.