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Anne Gillard

Anne was born in Cwmbran on May 2, 1908. She was the first child born to William and Frances Gillard.

Anne married Vivian John McGuire on August 5, 1929. Vivian known as Jack was born at Appledore in north Devon on April 17, 1905. He was the son of Hugh McGuire and hugh's second wife, Mabel. Jack's half-brother tom, married Anne's sister, Gwynneth. Anne and Jack had three children, all girls. They were Muriel, Patricia and Carol.

Anne died in Griffithstown, Gwent on October 12, 1997. Her husband Jack died in Australia on September 26, 1977 and his ashes were returned to the UK and buried in the Cwmbran area.


This is Plot 42 in the Garden of Remembrance  at the Gwent Crematorium where Anne McGuire's ashes are buried. The plots are marked by 4 numbered trees at each corner. This photo is taken across the diagonal line.


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Anne and Jack with Pat, Stefan and Petrina


Anne with her daughter's Muriel, Pat and Carol