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Gwynneth Gillard

Gwynneth, known as Gwyn, was born in Cwmbran on December 27, 1910. On her birth certificate, the date is given as January 6, 1911.

This is because, if the parent failed to register the birth in the six weeks that the law state's then a date is given that complies within this six week's and so a false entry is made on the birth certificate.

Gwyn met and married Thomas Patrick McGuire who was living in the Pill area of Newport, Monmouthshire  and they were married at St. Michael's church on November 7, 1931.


Tom McGuire



They had four children, Pamela Francis, Mary Karen (Kay), Wendy Josephine and Shaun.

Thomas Patrick McGuire was born on March 3, 1898 in the Tiger Bay area of Cardiff, Glamorgan and on August 8, 1975 he died from cancer.

Gwyn died aged 88 on October 26, 1999 and is buried with her mother Frances in the Cwmbran cemetery.


back...    Pam. Wendy, Kay

front...    Gwyn with first grandchild, Vivian and Tom with Shaun