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Vivian John McGuire (Jack) was born on April 17, 1905 at Appledore in North Devon. He was born too Hugh McGuire and his second wife Mable Main. Mable had also been married previously and her maiden name was Kenward.


Jack married Anne Gillard on August 5, 1929. Jack is the half-brother to Thomas McGuire and Tom married Anne's sister, Gwynneth,


Jack and Anne had three children, Muriel, Patricia and Carol.

Muriel  married John Westley and had three boys, Ian, Stuart and David.

Pat married Wlodzimierz (Walter) Krukowicz. They had two children Stefan and Petrina.

Carol has also married a number of times. She has children named Maria, Tania and Zoe.



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                                       Jack and Anne                                              Jack's death certificate